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The New Kronstadt has opinions. You have questions. This "Frequently Asked Questions" page is updated periodically to answer them.

Why doesn’t The New Kronstadt accept anonymous submissions?

Launched upon the premise that Haverford has a problem with self-censorship, The New Kronstadt recognizes all of its contributors by name. Haverford, of course, does have issues with formal censorship — prohibitions on speech that would be protected by the First Amendment (namely from the recently-amended Honor Code) — but a sizable contributor to the anti-free-speech culture on campus is people choosing not to speak their mind rather than being formally prohibited from doing so. The New Kronstadt seeks to break the cycle of self-censorship on campus by publishing Op-Eds with bylines rather than pseudonyms. Self-censorship, unlike formal censorship, is a cultural issue as opposed to a policy issue, and it requires a culture-shifting solution.

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Does The New Kronstadt acknowledge the differences in context between its eponymous historical allegory and the situation today?

Of course. No effort is being made to conflate today’s moment with the historical situation of the Soviet Union. What The New Kronstadt aims to do with the historical allusions it makes is to recover wisdom from the unique strain of thinking produced by socialist intellectuals who stood up for free speech, free association, and free elections in the name of the Kronstadt. The idea that civil liberties should transcend ideology is one that transcends time, also. 

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