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The New Kronstadt welcomes submissions from Haverford College faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Submissions should take the form of "Letters to the Editor," "Kronstadt Moment" narratives, or "Think Piece" articles. Publication is subject to editorial discretion.


  • All writers for The New Kronstadt will be identified by first and last name. No anonymous submissions, no exceptions.

  • "Letters to the Editor" should respond to an already-published article. 

  • "Kronstadt Moment" narratives should describe a personal experience related to free speech at Haverford College.

  • "Think Piece" articles can address any topic which involves free speech concerns.

  • Connect your article to current or recent events, if possible.

  • Aim for less than 2,000 words. 

  • Include hyperlinked sourcing.

  • Write with AP style in mind.

Thanks for submitting!

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